Vivo 89 Room Phone

Part Code:V89A (1S)SP


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The Vivo 89 room phone from University Technology Supplies International offers traditional styling and unparalleled durability which makes it particularly suitable for university accommodation areas with heavy footfall.  This analogue room phone comes with a speaker, single line, 10 one-touch memory keys, Hold, Redial, Flash, MWI, adjustable volume.

Analogue Speakerphone compatible with all major
PBX/PABX telephone systems
1 line speakerphone models
0-10 Programmable Guest Service Keys
Message Waiting Light Neon/LED Indicator (MWL)
Faceplate for customisation, guest key icons,
Adjustable Speaker and Handset Volume with Mute
Hold, Redial and Flash keys
Adjustable Flash-Hook timing

Rugged Plastic Stand
High Quality Plastic Casing: Black or Ivory
Standard Paper Faceplates with Overlay
Hi-Grade Screen-printed Polycarbonate Faceplates (option)

Available Models

Durable analogue room phone with speaker, single line, 10 One-touch memory keys, hold, redial, flash, MWI, adjustable volume.