Vivo 658 Hall/ Lobby Phone

Part Code:V658A (1S)


Click on the link below for information about the Vivo Aquarius Hall/ Lobby Phone

The Vivo 658 phone from University Technology International is a robust analogue telephone suitable for areas of common use such as halls or lobbies. This single line telephone comes in a trim-line format, can be configured with a one-touch memory key and has pause, flash and redial features. One and two line models are available.  Single line analogue trimline telephone, 1GSK with mute, flash and redial.

Single line analogue telephone Magnetic hook switch
Wall mountable
1 One-touch Memory Key
Bi colour LED for MWI
Incoming call alert
Available in black or ivory

Available in black or ivory
Trimline form factor
Magnetic Hook Switch
Wall Mountable
Bi-colour LED for MWI, 


Available Models


Single line analogue trimline telephone, 1 one-touch memory key, mute, flash, redial.